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update:November 20, 2017

Actions to be taken when a missile will fall

We will notify on how to take actions if a missile will fall.

In Yaizu City and Shizuoka Prefecture, we receive emergency information from the country for missiles by nationwide instant warning system(common name:J-Alert)and emergency information network system (common name:Em-Net)

We will inform the citizens according to the situation.

An information will be transmit immediately after the missile's launch

The missile will fall in a very short time after launch.

When the missile may fall in Japan, the (J-Alert) operates, in addition to the special siren in the "broadcast radio" all along with the sent messages, we will inform you the emergency information by "emergency bulletin email" etc.

Notification Method(The guide will be in Japanese)

  • Broadcasting by (broadcast radio)
  • Transmission by (Emergency bulletin email)
  • Transmission by「Yahoo! Disaster prevention Breaking news(Application software for Tablet terminal ) 」
  • Transmission by (Yaizu disaster email)
  • Published in "Yaizu City Homepage"

Actions to be taken when a missile will fall

In case if you are outside

  • Immediately go inside to a nearby building (preferably a durable building such as a concrete building) Please evacuate to an underground (underground facility such as underground of shopping center and underground of station buildings).
  • If you do not have a suitable building in the vicinity, please hide yourself behind the scenes or face down on the ground and protect your head.

In case if you are inside

  • Please move as far away as possible from the window, preferably to a room without windows.


If you find something suspicious, do not go closer, please contact the police or fire department immediately.