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update:April 28, 2022


This guide outlines: application procedures available at City Hall, information on daily life and local activities, emergency contact information, and consultation services.

About the COVID-19 vaccine

Information about COVID-19 Vaccination for Parents of Children 5-11 years of age(PDF:187KB)

Information on Booster (3rd dose) Vaccionation(PDF:272KB)

Vaccination Schedule

Numbers of vaccine availability are being confirmed and vouchers are being sent out, so that those who wish to be vaccinated can smoothly make a reservation. Those who wish to be vaccinated should wait until the vaccination voucher arrives. Once you receive it, make the reservation. 

<60 years and over>Voucher: Has been sent out / Reservation: Currently being accepted
<Those with underlying medical conditions> Voucher:Has been sent out / Reservation: Currently being accepted
<Employees at elderly nursing homes> Voucher: Has been sent out / Reservation: Currently being accepted
<50~59 years old> Voucher: Has been sent out / Reservation: Currently being accepted
<40~49 years old> Voucher: To be sent out sequentially from (Tues.) 31st Aug.
<Expectant mothers & family living with her> Voucher: To be sent out sequentially from (Tues.) 31st Aug.
<12~39 years old> Voucher: It was going to be sent out around early October, but schedule was fastened and will now be sent out around mid-September.  

Consultation for Vaccine Side-effects 

If you experience any of the following symptoms and have concerns after being vaccinated, visit the clinic/hospital where you were vaccinated or the doctor you usually visit.
【 the vaccinated spot is painful/swollen /feel very tired / have a headace/body ache /have the chills /have a fever 】
Consultations can also be made by calling the number below, rather than visiting the hospital. Consultation is available in 17 languages, including Philipino, Portuguese, English, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.

Shizuoka Prefecture COVID-19 Vaccine Side effect Consultation


Operating hours:9~22 daily

If you think you may have been infected with the corona virus 

If you feel unwell and have concerns that you may be infected, call the hotline below. Consultation is available in 19 languages, including Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. 

COVID-19 Multilingual Consultation Hotline


Operating hours: 24 hours daily


For inquiries, please call the number below. 

Japanese/ English/ Portuguese…Yaizu City Vaccine Call Center  TEL:050-5491-1249 

Tagalog/Vietnamese/Chinese/Spanish/Myanmar/Indonesian/Korean/Nepalese/Sinhala/Thai/Mongolian/Khmer/French/German/Italian/Russian/Malay.…Yaizu City Multilingual Consultation Services for Vaccines TEL:092-687-3126



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