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update:February 10, 2016


In case of accident or crime, remain calm and call the following numbers.

Crime, Traffic accidents, if no one is injured

Traffic accidents (if someone is injured)

110 / Police Department (KEISATSU)

119 / Fire Department (SHOBO SHO)

119 and 110 calls can be made free of charge from public pay phones.



If someone is injured, first call 119 and then call 110 (Police Department.) Also make sure to confirm the other party's name, contact information, address and license plate number.



(1)If you encounter a theft, robbery or other crimes, call 110.

Patrol cars will be dispatched immediately to your location as you are calling 110.  Please remain calm and give the operator the following information:

What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Who did it?
Anyone injured? Your address, name and phone number.

If you are calling from your cell phone, please make sure to give the operator your location and any landmark around you.

(2) In case of an emergency, we advise you to learn how to say your address and phone number in Japanese. If you don’t speak Japanese, have a Japanese speaker make the call for you.

Please call the following numbers for non-emergency inquiries:
Yaizu Police Department (YAIZU KEISATSUSHO)TEL: 054-624-0110
Police Headquarter (KEISATSU HONBU) #9110