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update:February 10, 2016


1 If you are looking for rental accommodation

If you are looking for rental accommodation, you generally go to a real estate agency.  We recommend you to go there with a Japanese speaker. When you sign a lease, you must prepare a certain amount of money, including SHIKIKIN (a deposit), REIKIN (key money), CHUKAI TESURYO (an agent’s fee), MAEBARAI KIN (an advance payment) etc.  Also, please be reminded that you need one or more guarantors.There are many kinds of rental agreements.  Please go through the contract thoroughly before signing.

2 Yaizu Municipal Residence

Public Housing Repair and Maintenance Section (JUTAKU EIZEN-KA)TEL: 054-626-2163  in ATORE Building (ATORE CHOSHA)

The city of Yaizu has 403 municipal residences within the city for people with low income to rent.  There are requirements and other limitations on who can rent the residences, and a fixed application period.  The application is accepted whenever rooms become vacant.